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Welcome to my web site!

I’m a Graphic Artist, Web Designer and Illustrator who is happy to share my online portfolio with you. You will be able to see my work as an Illustrator, Caricaturist and Cartoonist throughout my website.

Since I was a young child, I have had a passion for Art in general. All my school notebooks were filled with illustrations, from characters created in my imagination to teacher caricatures ... I was always drawing! This passion led me to become an artist.

My art career evolved over time. Once leaving the school of my youth where I began with doodles, I went on to study graphic design in college. When the Internet became popular, I decided to learn how to make websites. I worked for couple of years as a graphic and web designer, freelancing in my spare time. Then I went back to college again, to study painting this time… and it was a nice experience.

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I’m offering my talent as Caricaturist, Cartoonist and Illustrator in general. Not only will you find me to be a very creative person, I am a very patience and easygoing person as well, who will team up with you to produce a final product what will delight you. I don’t have a big ego, so I don’t come with any attitudes. The foundation of a great final product is communication … so let’s talk!

Portrait: Portraits can be done digitally, or I can prepare an oil painting on canvas, markers on paper, charcoal on paper, etc. (Please read ‘Technique and Materials’ at the bottom of this page for more information.) I respect the likeness of the person and don’t overly exaggerate any feature.
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Caricature: It is a graphic representation of a person, but with some exaggerated features. Likeness will be present and recognizable as well. I do flattering caricatures, with the level of exaggeration guided by the client. The idea is to make everybody happy and never to offend anyone. Some common exaggerations are a big head with a little body or a person placed in a funny situation suggested by the client.
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Parties or Event: This is a fantastic way to make your event unforgettable and fun! Entertain your guests with a live caricaturist! An artist on hand to do spontaneous caricatures is a fantastic way to keep both young and mature (but young at heart) guests entertained.
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